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healthcare reform

Coronavirus crisis exposes Ukraine’s healthcare failures

As Ukraine began 2020, the reform priorities for the country’s healthcare sector appeared to be clear


В Україні створять центр протидії гібридним загрозам

Центр буде ґрунтуватися на співпраці уряду з НАТО.


Kristina Kvien: “The largest impediment to economic transformation is the continued need for further judicial reform”

The Ukrainian Week talked with Kristina Kvien, US Chargé d’Affaires, a.i., in Ukraine about the prospects of US-Ukraine relations, in particular in the energy and defense spheres


Health Ministry’s expensive Chinese suits no more effective than Ukrainian products

The Ministry of Health is endangering doctors by blocking procurement of protective suits under the guise of following regulations, some officials are saying


Ukraine's Cabinet lists new quarantine measures

Coronavirus cases are expected to peak over Easter


Ukraine's confirmed coronavirus cases increase to 418 on March 29

It's a rise from the 311 cases reported early on March 28


Down from the peaks

Something’s cutting down the profits of Ukrainian banks. What risks does the banking system face today?


Energy policy: stupidity or crime

What threatening consequences for the country may the new course in energy policy have?


Healthcare defense

What Ukrainian healthcare should do in 2020


Fear and loathing in the banking sector

The aftertaste of banking sector reform