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Ukrainian pharmacies ask government to help unblock import of substances

To help unblock the supply of imported substances for production of medicines at domestic pharmaceutical plants


The Wonder of Life

The amazing story of a girl who is a step away from death, helping others and making the world a brighter place


Obstacle Race, or Kyiv by Wheelchair

Despite the government’s assurances of “care”, thousands of people in wheelchairs, as they move around in Kyiv, have to clear numerous obstacles almost imperceptible to the eye but very real for wheels


Pills for the Greedy

Pretending to care for consumers, officials have pushed through a potentially corrupt scheme that will help them monopolize the pharmaceutical market


Stalin’s “Surgery”

Several operations against national minorities were carried out alongside class-based persecutions and purges among ranking party members in Ukraine


Letters from Angels

Cancer is a terrible diagnosis faced by hundreds of Ukrainian children every year. Shortly after they find out about their disease, they end up in cancer treatment facilities where they endure long, painful and challenging treatments. Cancer removes children from their normal lives and most friends forget about them; only their stressed out parents and doctors remain. All this happens at a time when each positive or negative emotion can tilt the scales to one side or another.


HIV in Ukraine: Why Does a Football Team Die Every Three Days?

About 400,000 people are infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. It is the only European country, along with Russia, where the epidemic continues to grow.


You’d Rather Be Dead

The war of pharmaceutical groups is leading to a catastrophically short supply of vital medicines in Ukraine