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Dealing with the waves

How the UK government plans to address the issue of migrants


The fight against the flight

President Zelenskiy’s plans to attract migrants back and establish ties with the diaspora are missing the point


The nomadic state

What is unique about Ukrainian migration and how it impacts national identity


A bedroom community for the EU?

What challenges will the growth of labor migration to EU countries present Ukraine?


The pursuit of happiness

Why migration from Ukraine rises and won’t stop any time soon


“We are interested in helping reform the EU”

Poland’s Ambassador to Ukraine on the vision of the European Union, the evolution of his country's role and place in it, and Polish-Ukrainian relations


An unwelcome host

Ukraine's place in modern migration


Serhiy Hunko: "We cannot issue documents to unidentified persons"

Press Officer for the State Migration Service of Ukraine spoke to The Ukrainian Week about foreign refugees, internally displaced persons and their status in Ukraine


The Schengen’s Kafkaesque Castles

The excesses of the EU visa bureaucracy discourage the most pro-European part of Ukrainian society from gaining experience that is different from post-Soviet realities


Eurostat: Russians - top EU asylum seekers

Russians led the top of asylum seekers’ list in EU in 2013, EUobserver informs.