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military-industrial complex

Drive, not drag

What kind of military-industrial complex could become the driver of economic and technological growth in Ukraine


Taylor tells how US army learns from Ukrainian

The U.S. military learns from Ukrainian soldiers and officers about Russian tactics, Russian military equipment, and the ways how Russians deliver this equipment to Ukraine


Effort to freeze Ukraine aid began about 90 minutes after call between Trump and Zelensky

Trump's political appointees at the White House's budget office were already ordering the Pentagon to freeze security funding for Ukraine, newly released government documents show


Another Trump defense in the Ukraine scandal bites the dust

Running out of options, Donald Trump touted one of his newer talking points this morning, publishing a tweet that Ukraine didn’t know that the White House was withholding military aid


Trump heavily considering blocking $250M in military aid to Ukraine

President Donald Trump is heavily considering a plan to block $250 million in military assistance to Ukraine, a move that would further ingratiate him to Russian President Vladimir Putin


Empty pedestals

What does Ukraine have to offer against the Russian myth of “the glorious victory of Russian military power”?


Dmytro Tymchuk: Ukrainian MP found shot dead at home

Prominent Ukrainian MP and military affairs analyst Dmytro Tymchuk has been found shot dead at his home in the capital Kyiv


U.S. Defense Department asks $250 mln for Ukrainian military in FY 2020 budget request

The money will be also allocated for replacement of any weapons or defensive articles provided to the Ukrainian government from the inventory of the United States


Combat drills of Ukrainian military took place in Donbas

The fighters practiced with multiple launch rocket systems


Ukrainian military tests modernized Spectator-M1 UAV

The conditions of test flights of the Spectator-M1 were close to the combat ones