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Manafort intended for polling data to go to 2 Ukrainian oligarchs who owed him millions

Serhiy Lyovochkin and Rinat Akhmetov, two Ukrainian oligarchs who had paid Paul Manafort for years for his political work in their country, were the intended recipients of the American polling data


Twilight of the oligarchs

Ukraine’s oligarchs are slowly but surely losing their economic clout


National champions wanted

How likely is it that companies with a global reach will emerge in Ukraine to also become the drivers of an economic breakthrough?


Will and skill, not rocket science

What’s missing for the management of state enterprises to be properly reformed?


Time for a strong middle-class party

What is needed for Ukraine to have a political force that is not linked to oligarchs


The daily life of cartels

On competition and state anti-monopoly policy in Ukraine


The fifth column’s new front

Pro-Russian oligarchs have begun a serious push to persuade Ukrainians that the only way to a better life is to renew “torn” economic ties with Russia. This flies in the face of facts on the ground


Trotting towards a better life

How the life of Ukrainians changed economically compared to 25 years ago


Of vouchers and men

Privatization in Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union and its role in the rise of oligarchy


Odesa Port Plant: Just not yet

Why the auction to sell OPP failed