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The high cost of exchange

What can Ukraine offer for the release of the remaining prisoners


Ukraine and pro-Russians expected to swap prisoners

Ukraine president says exchange should take place on Sunday but details of the planned swap are scarce


A strategy for political hostages

What was overlooked during the return of Ukraine’s kidnapped sailors and political hostages from Russia


Exchange rate

About Ukraine’s prisoners who left jail early and ended up in Moscow


Russia’s word

How the Russian-Ukrainian exchange of prisoners was in question


What we know about 33 Ukrainian political prisoners that Russia might release

Ukraine and Russia are preparing their first-ever big prisoner exchange since the beginning of Russia’s war against Ukraine in 2014


Who will free the Kremlin’s prisoners?

How President Zelenskiy’s choice of staff will affect the cause of political prisoners


Ukraine reaches agreement on return of captured sailors from Russia

Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Liudmyla Denisova told Hromadske media outlet in the town of Shchastia during the transfer of Ukrainian prisoners from the occupied Luhansk region


U.S. legislators draft sanctions on 24 FSB operatives over 24 Ukrainian POW sailors

The U.S. "continues to strongly condemn Russia's dangerous naval assault on the Ukrainian Navy and the illegal detainment 24 Ukrainian sailors," legislators say


Four Ukrainian prisoners released by Russia-backed separatists arrive in Minsk

Russia-backed separatists from Ukraine's eastern Donbas region have released four Ukrainian citizens, who have been flown to the Belarusian capital, Minsk