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“A huge question is whether it will become a norm that presidents and prime ministers will start to use social media to drive mainstream media coverage more globally”

New York University Professor about the impact of social media on the political behavior of citizens, their involvement in protest movements, and ways in which Twitter and Facebook have changed the specifics of the race in the US and European countries


Page Not Found: Russian social nets ban

Social networks went into a rage, the President’s site was bombarded with dozens of petitions, and many began talking about censorship on the internet. The reason for this outburst was a ban on Vkontakte, a Russian version of Facebook very popular among schoolkids, Yandex, Russia’s answer to Google, and Mail.ru in Ukraine


Shifting moods among Ukrainians

In three years since the Euromaidan, what has changed among ordinary Ukrainians? What trends suggest the direction Ukrainian society is moving in? Recent polls provide some answers to these questions


What Remains of the Empire

What Russia’s frontiers could look like in case of fragmentation triggered by ethnic, religious, economic and other factors


Nils Muižnieks: “Once the central government has a long-term plan for IDPs, assistance from the international community will be forthcoming”

The Ukrainian Week talks to Commissioner for Human Rights Nils Muižnieks about the flow of IDPs from Crimea and Eastern Ukraine, ways for the government to deal with the problem Ukraine has never faced before, and about the hard lesson on integration of minorities Russia’s neighbours had to learn


Ukrainian Banksy

Street artist #Sociopath talks about social art


Global AgeWatch Index: Old people in Ukraine live better than in Russia, but worse than in Vietnam.

Sweden is the best country for the elderly and Ukraine lags behind, Global AgeWatch Index reports


World Happiness Report 2013: most CIS countries feel happier than Ukraine

Ukraine lands 87th out of 156 in the World Happiness Report 2013, experts estimate for the UN


Special Offer 2013

Society and business that is not connected to the government will be forced to tighten their belts


Why Don’t Ukrainians Smile?

The Ukrainian Week digs into the nation’s insecurities that stem from too much patience, a defensive reaction to what is happening in the country and the inability to find joy in life