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social services

The culture of poverty

What poorer Ukrainians think of subsidies, the rich, and themselves


Social policy: Entrenching poverty

What kinds of social policy initiatives is the new administration preparing?


Barely visible

Why hasn’t Facebook heard Ukraine's voice yet?


Cloud on the horizon

Over the next couple of months Ukraine will be facing powerful economic challenges


Is this the end of “the era of poverty”?

Very soon Ukrainians will begin realising that the past couple of years can hardly be called "challenging" in terms of economic and social situation


The power of Facebook

Do we stand a chance to win a battle for social networks?


Virtual force

The role of social networks in the events of 2014 and nowadays


“Can’t get no satisfaction...”

Why Ukrainians think the situation in their country is worse than it really is and what can be done about this


Ukraine’s American Dream

Just like democracy itself, entrepreneurial freedom and an efficient economy can foster social justice


The mood of the Donbas

At the end of April, the Ministry of Information Policy published results of polls from Donetsk Oblast. According to organizers, they were conducted on both sides of the conflict line