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state-owned enterprises

Ukrainian businessman suspected of stealing millions knows Israel can't catch him

Alexander Granovsky fled Israel before being indicted, and may never face the consequences of his sophisticated alleged crime


Guarding the сompetition

Which state monopolies it is important to maintain in the future and why


Another Russian fake: FSB reports foiling Ukraine-Islamic State assassination plot

Russia’s security services claimed to have disrupted an Islamic State member’s plot to assassinate an east Ukrainian rebel fighter on orders from Ukraine’s security apparatus


Ukraine has successfully tested new ground-launched cruise missile

A missile named Neptun ("Neptune") is capable of accurately hit both land and naval targets


Чи має Україна ознаки failed state

Спираючись на досвід колоніального панування, Росія нині наполегливо намагається створити Україні імідж failed state. У хід ідуть міфи, що встигли вкорінитися навіть серед самих українців


In a number of words

The annual speech of the President outlines accomplishments and failures. Over the course of modern Ukrainian history, the addresses have painted the image of the country’s every leader and his era in politics


Third time’s a charm

President Poroshenko's state of the nation address to the Rada


The big manger

Why public sector is the main source of corrupt wealth


"Foreign investors are alarmed by macro instability and political turbulence in Ukraine"

Head of the Ukrainian State Property Fund on the estimated value of state assets in Ukraine, performance of the privatisation plan, bidders for the Odesa Port Plant and Russian management of Ukrainian regional power companies


Big Sale Coming Up

The government plans to reform the system of public property management and launch a wide scale sell-off. Are Ukraine’s economy and society ready?